About Us

One Mission that Matters

As a symbol of trust in the lending world, our mission is to create a higher quality of life for our partners, our employees, and our communities. In fact, the word TRUST is defined in the core values and guiding principles of our company.

We Define TRUST as:


Dedicated and experienced sales and operations team


We strive to build a relationship with all that we serve


Knowledgeable & reliable underwriting


Our commitment to service is second to none


Urgency matters and your time is important

A Note from Brian Simon, CMB, SVP
and Director of Mortgage

FSB Mortgage and our management team would never think to tell you who you can or cannot do business with as it relates to your investor partners. We realize that competition, and the ability to have optionality in whom you choose to partner with, is the very essence of what makes you an Independent Mortgage Expert. Attempting to force a “choice,” is harmful to you, your borrowers, and our industry.

The ability for you to choose the lenders that best suit you and your borrowers is what can separate you from the rest of the market and is likely the reason being an Independent Mortgage Expert is the path you have chosen to follow. As a company, we applaud you and will always support that individual decision regardless of what lenders you choose to partner with.

Brian Simon