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Use our convenient mortgage calculators to estimate your monthly payment and see how much house will fit in your budget.

Home Rent vs. Buy Calculator

Compare the estimated cost of buying a new home to what you’re currently paying to rent, and find out if you could be saving money in the long run by investing in your home.

Mortgage Calculator

Test out different home prices, down payment sizes, loan terms, interest rates, and other factors to see how they will affect your overall monthly payments, including all required insurance and taxes.

Refinance Calculator

Compare the terms of a new loan to your existing mortgage and discover if refinancing now could reduce your monthly mortgage and total payments.

Home Affordability Calculator

Find out how much you can afford to devote towards your home purchase the ongoing maintenance costs (e.g. property taxes, home insurance, HOA dues).

Loan Term Comparison Calculator

Compare loans of differing terms and interest rates to see how your remaining balance will change over time.

Income Required for a Mortgage Calculator

Discover the level of income you’ll need to get the home you want and still afford ongoing costs like taxes and home insurance.