Take advantage of the complimentary FSB Mortgage LIVE training sessions and stay up-to-date on our processes and products.

We have LIVE 45 minute or less training sessions on the following topics:

Uploading to Submission Process

  • How to upload a loan
  • Register/lock
  • Disclose
  • Run AUS/MI Quote
  • Upload docs
  • Submit a loan

Ordering Appraisal, CTC and Closing Process

  • How to order an appraisal
  • Attach conditions to the Underwriting Decision
  • Submit for a CTC (Clear to Close)
  • Request early CD (Closing Disclosure)
  • Request Closing Docs

We also offer complimentary short on-demand videos and process flow documents for each step of the process, that you can access or download at any time.

CLICK HERE to access FSB Mortgage’s Training Video Library.

CLICK HERE to access FSB Mortgage’s Process Flow Documents.

For any training questions, please email Tammy Robinson, Training and Development Director at tarobinson@fsbmortgage.com or your Account Executive.

Please review the calendars below to register for any of our LIVE upcoming training sessions.

To register for a training, click on the class name below.
You will then be directed to the registration site.